Tooth Jewellery -Description and Placement

Tooth jewellery is small decorative item which is fixed on surface of teeth for aesthetic modification desired by the individual. It can range from precious stones to prefabricated/custom made shapes/designs which come in all shapes and sizes. Watch the video below to know how it is placed, earlier most of the jewellery was fixed on a drilled surface on tooth but now trend is towards painless fixation of the jewellery on tooth without any cutting of tooth surface.

Choice/decision of getting tooth jewellery varies from person to person but some decisions are to be taken by your dentist as well, following factors must be kept in mind before getting any kind of tooth jewellery-

  • It should not lacerate the soft tissues.
  • It should not intervene with harmonic function of the oral cavity.
  • Tooth should not be damaged, if damaged should be assessed before placement of any jewellery.
  • It should only be placed by a registered dental practitioner.

Some points to be remembered after the placement of tooth jewellery-

  • Maintenance of good oral hygiene.
  • Regular visit to dentist for routine check-up and assessment of the jewellery.
  • Consult your dentist in case of any problem with the jewellery.

Patients from all age groups are emerging to be more interested into tooth jewellery, although some damage is reported by some authors after placement of dental jewellery; it is still a popular trend.

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