Do you Brush your Teeth the right way? We are showing how it should be done! Have a look at the video explaining how tooth brushing should be done step by step.


I often come across people who very casually skip brushing daily. Brushing teeth is something which is done since ancient times. Why its need is ever-increasing? Skipping it once a day or maybe few times a week would not do much damage or bleh it’s lazy Sunday morning and it sucks to get up and do something which is to be done tomorrow anyway.

The answer to the ever-increasing need for regular brushing lies in current eating habits and diet, which is contrary to what and how our ancestors have been eating in their times.

We live in a world which is full of convenience stores, departmental stores and what not; everything right now is few clicks away. Food we eat is highly processed, full of various preservatives and sugar. We believe we are much advanced than our previous generations, but have you looked at other side of coin?  People many years back used to work all day long their diet consisted more of fibrous food which somehow gave them advantage in avoiding the diseases of modern era obesity, heart diseases and often ignored Dental diseases like DENTAL CARIES.

People have a mentality or I should say most patients I see have a similar kind of mentality which should be changed for their own good is Why worry so much for such a small thing, it’s just a tooth and I have 32 of those! Do you think alike? Well let’s get some facts here.

Most tissues in body have some healing and regenerating capacity but once a tooth is lost, it’s lost and NO artificial replacement is as good as a healthy natural tooth. Abstaining yourself from brushing at least twice a day can deteriorate your general health and appearance significantly. Imagine yourself with a few windows between your teeth along some black spots on them as well, if taken care your smile can make you alluring but ignoring your oral health can make you look hideous as well. Once you start losing teeth your general health will get compromised, how do you plan on eating your favorite meal with no teeth?

Brushing teeth

  • Will keep teeth clean and good-looking.

  • Removes the bacteria which causes decay in the teeth and damages your gums.

  • Prevents bad breath (Well bad breath isn’t always bad, could help you to keep that annoying friend of yours away).

  • Improves your overall health.


But there’s more to it, brushing twice daily not only improves health but is going to boost up your personal life as well, would you tolerate someone with a stinky breath and yellow teeth with food debris struck in such a way you could tell what they had in dinner yesterday.

Wondering how should I brush? How many times a day should I brush?

Brushing is typically recommended after you eat with a soft bristle toothbrush and small amount of toothpaste, small and soft vertical (up and down) strokes and at least 3-5 minutes should be spent ensuring no tooth remains untouched. Adjunct to brushing, dental floss or inter-dental brushes should be used to properly clean the area between two teeth.

Have a look at this video for the proper techniques.


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