Product Review: SELF Suction Mouth Mirror!

Mouth mirror with built-in suction looks like a very innovative idea to begin with, mouth mirror is one of the most basic and integral part of a dental practice and this fusion of suction with mirror is something different. Few weeks ago we received this product from Milestone Healthcare to review it and find out if this product is worth having or not.


This review is written after days of extensive use of the product by various experts in the field of General dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, Endodontics and OMR. We have included many clinicians to make sure there is no bias while reviewing this product so that our readers can have an actual insight of the product before buying it.

The product can be easily ordered via phone/email, it is delivered across India with free and fast shipping. To buy this you can send email at or Whatsapp – +919971904930 . Currently only prepaid orders are taken by the manufacturer. Price of the product – Rs 2380 for 6 Mouth mirrors + 2 Silicone tubes. 

Please note that all the packages will be sent directly by the manufacturer not from any dealer to remove excess dealer margins.


First Impression of the product! –


The product arrived in a box, one package contains 6 mirrors and 2 silicone tubes which are used to attach the mirror with suction. Mirrors are not too heavy, they can be considered light weight but the mirror head is not removable. There are few openings on the back side of mirror to facilitate the suction and handle of mirror is covered with a rubber based grip for better handling.



Ease of usage –

It was fairly easy to connect the mirror to the suction unit using silicone tube provided in the box, takes about 2-3 minutes for the first time. One end of tube attached on the end of mouth mirror and other end is attached to suction of chair or power suction unit.



Sterilization –

As a first impression sterilization seemed doubtful but this product can be easily sterilized in an autoclave, we used a class B autoclave to sterilize it.

To make sure debris gets washed away from inside of mirror, one can use a little water from a glass and put mirror into the glass so that any debris are flushed along water before you put it into an autoclave.



Product Quality –

The mirror was not detachable from handle, the whole unit is made out of stainless steel and the mirror used is the normal mirror we routinely use in practice.

As told by the manufacturer, the mirror when damaged can be replaced in the future by easily removing the mirror and fixing a new mirror provided by the manufacturer by it.


Price –  This product is priced at Rs. 2380 for a set of 6 pieces of mirror and 2 silicone tubing.


Patient use



Image quality and fogging was similar to the normal mirror we use, not as good as FS mirror but good enough to work and do routine procedures. Various different procedures were done while using this mirror , a brief review for some of them are –

Oral prophylaxis, Endodontic procedures and Restoration – Some of the most commonly done procedure, Mirror worked excellently in mandibular arch, in the maxillary arch there was some issue to simultaneously work in indirect vision and use mirror for suction.

Pediatric patients – This was quiet helpful in various procedures especially when rubber dam application was not possible.


Need for dental auxiliary to perform suction was reduced drastically while using the mirror in mandibular arch, for maxillary arch clinicians preferred use of normal suction for more comfort.


Pros and Limitations


  • Not very efficient for working with maxillary posteriors
  • No FS coating of mirror.


  • Autoclave safe
  • Easy to use and install
  • Not expensive
  • Eliminates the need for a separate suction while doing the routine procedures.


Our Verdict! –

Although there is room for improvement regarding some aspects of this product and the manufacturer is also working to eliminate the limitations, but this product is a must have in every dental office, it eliminates the need for a separate suction device and speeds up the treatment process, it is not very expensive therefore one or two sets can be kept for use. Personally the dentists who used the product were satisfied with its performance and have already started using these in routine procedures in their own practices.




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