CDE programs are designed to offer on-going education to dental professionals about various aspects of dental sciences .If there is one word that describes the future of dentistry, it will be “smart”. Smart materials, smart tools and smart decision algorithms will enable dentist to treat more patients and provide better cares at lost cost .We will experience an “EXPONENTIAL” growth in dentistry that will transform the way dentist practice and skills. Continuing dental education must keep up with these changes, requiring dentist to gain and practice new sets of skills themselves so that they can teach the rising generation of dental students.


All work in the field of health science is centralised to basic aims – conservation aesthetics & function .Likewise, loss of even one human tooth should be regarded as a serious concern, never to be considered lightly.
Main objectives of CDE programs are to promote, encourage and to ensure the oral health in right direction .CDE program is not just to update the technical knowledge of undergraduates, postgraduates and dental practitioners but also to exercise treatment methods that will be beneficial to the citizen of India.




During CDE
1)First hand research knowledge is gained
2)Review new & old dental concepts
3)Gather practical knowledge on how to use latest equipments
4)Earn credit points(CDE points)
5)Learn various other concepts which will aid dental practice.



CDE program is to prepare a dentist who are “lean” managers of their practices and who can provide high quality care at low-cost.


Participant will obtain skills in cosmetic dentistry training, aesthetic restorations, aesthetic consideration and treatment planning through detailed audio-visual presentation. Live clinical demonstration of various phases are shown.


In India, CDE points instituted by the DCI –the apex body that regulates dental education .The DCI has recommended 150 CDE points over period of 5 years with a minimum of 20 points and maximum of 50 points annually .CDE points awarded to dental professional only for attending lectures.


CDE requires a stronger attention to heath research as well as to changes in professional’s education and training. There must be change of attitude and organisation of health service, with the health sector moving increasingly in a health promotion direction, beyond its responsibility for providing clinical and curative services. The focus must be oral health care which places greater of emphasis on preventive care and on ways of supporting and maintaining oral health.


CDE is not only embraces actions directed at strengthening the skills and capabilities of individuals, but also action directed towards changing environment and economic condition so as to achieve their impact on public and individual health, participation is essential to sustain CDE action.


CDE generates good living and working conditions that are stimulating, satisfying and enjoyable success in between dentist. All countries will have introduced , and be actively managing and monitoring strategies that strengthen health enhancing lifestyle and weaken health damaging ones through a combination of regulatory , economic ,educational and continuing dental education programs .


CDE programs helped to minimize the impact of oral and craniofacial origin on health and psychological development, giving emphasis to promoting oral health and reducing oral diseases amongst populations with the greatest burden of such conditions and diseases.




CDE programs helped to strengthen systems and methods for oral health surveillance, both processes and outcomes, to promote social responsibility and ethical practise of care givers and to reduce disparities in oral health between different socioeconomic groups within a country and inequalities in oral health across the countries.
At last one good saying “life and health are god’s precious gift to treasured and protected”





Dr. Yesh Sharma

Coordinator Celebrity Dentistry India


Dr. Devendra Chaudhary, Principal , MGS Dental College

Dr Ravi Nagpal

Dr Atul Bishnoi

Dr Bhupesh Gandhi

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