Women aren’t the only ones seeking cosmetic treatments today; men are also discovering the many benefits of heading in for a quick enhancement at their local Aesthetic Centres. Injectable treatments, particularly neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport, have become a huge trend for male and female patients alike. Dubbed Botox by male clients, there are a number of reasons why these injectable treatments have become the go-to anti-aging solution for MEN.

Even if you are a guy that has never considered any type of cosmetic treatments before, Botox injections may be a good place to begin your exploration of the anti-aging industry.

Injections are relatively quick and painless and results appear within days after the procedure. There is no downtime after treatment and relatively few, if any, side effects to worry about. Results are fairly subtle, so you will look Youthful after the injections.



Glabellar lines in the male have been the most well-studied with a recommended starting dose of 40 U. Some men may require up to 80 U in the glabellar complex. The most common cause of an inadequate result in male patients is under-dosing. Forehead lines require care, as many men with horizontal lines have low positioned eyebrows, and excessive relaxation of the lower frontalis muscle can drop their brows further. Special consideration should be given to the male brow when treating men. Lateral orbital

lines can be treated with a starting dose of 15 Upper crow’s foot. Men may need additional injections to the orbicularis oculi muscle as many men have a broad circumferential orbicularis.





Another common cosmetic use of BTX-A is the treatment of periorbital rhytides. A standard technique includes 3 injection sites overlying the lateral fibers of the orbicularis oculi muscle on the lateral aspect of each orbital rim. Results from a dose-ranging study conducted by Lowe et al. suggested that 12 U of Botox per side is an optimal dose for both men and women (ie, 4 U per injection site); however, consensus papers recommend higher doses ranging from 12 to 16 U of Botox per side when treating crow’s-feet in men.



The facial muscles of men and women differ greatly, as does the thickness of the skin. Because of this difference, many men require a higher dosage of BOTOX® Cosmetic in certain areas of the face – particularly the forehead and around the eyes.








In addition to these physiological differences, there are some standard aesthetic differences that we take into account when administering BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments for men or women. For example, women typically want more of an arch in their brow. By using a specific technique, BOTOX® Cosmetic can greatly enhance the arch of the brow, giving it a beautiful shape. However, in most cases, men do not want to pronounce the arch of their brow. Also, since most men have a lower brow than women, use a technique that maintains their brow height and shape.






  • Bruising is a concern for men, as many men take antiplatelet agents and blood thinners such as warfarin sodium, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and fish oil for cardiovascular management.


  • Bruises from Botox Injections may last up to a Week.


  • Inform Clients about possible complications of BOTOX therapy before hand.


  • Desired Results may not appear instantly. Wait for a Week, a second session may be required, specially in treating Glabellar / Frown Lines.


  • Maintain Records of Treatment , Dose Administered, CONSENT FORM.


  • Cheap BOTOX is never GOOD; always use FDA approved Products.


  • Storage of Reconstituted BOTOX for a long time may diminish its Efficacy.









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Whitney P. Bowel, MD, Michael E. Eidelman, MD

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